Sonntag, 25. April 2010

Excuse me, I'm an artist.

This is a quite old picture; October 2009, but I still like it. Shot & edited by myself.
By the way, I gotta say, I love the shirt I'm wearing here. I bought in the 'New Yorker' store in Amsterdam. The scarf is from a souvenir shop on the German isle Borkum, I don't remember its name. And I wear a normal black pair of leggins which you can by almost everywhere.

Sonntag, 18. April 2010

Shopping Spree

I just had a little Shopping Spree in the Hessen Center of Frankfurt/Germany

1. Classic Mascara by Helene Winterstein

2. An Yves Rocher Beauty Set (1 Set = 1 new tree)

3. Diverse free beauty Goodies of Yves Rocher

4. Masks

5. + 6. H&M Bikinis

7. H&M Sporttop

8. The Body Shop Bag + Goodies

9. H&M Hairband

10. H&M Dress